Helping Property Owners control Feral Pests throughout Queensland

Feral Management Queensland is a dedicated volunteer, not for profit organisation, operating through regional hubs located throughout Queensland, concentrating on the control of feral pest animals using ground hunting, trapping, detector dogs, motion detection cameras, drones and the latest thermal night vision technology.

We are a branch of Shooters Union Queensland but are autonomous in our operations. Feral Management Queensland have separate financial assets and bank account which are controlled by the FMQ Committee.

Our aim is to assist with the monitoring and control of feral pests to protect livestock and enable native species to recover and thrive again.

Our members operate under a strict code of conduct, are fully trained, accredited, and are appropriately equipped to operate independently and safely in the field.

FMQ has a wide range of insurance in place to protect our members and clients including:

  • Public Liability Insurance of $30,000,000
  • Volunteer Insurance of $3,500,000
  • Professional Liability Insurance of $20,000,000

We can carry out regular monitoring of nature conservation areas, national parks, and farming properties. We can respond quickly to urgent requests for assistance with feral pest control but would prefer to operate through a coordinated ongoing program in consultation with our client partners.

We invite you to contact us through one of our regional coordinators if you require assistance to monitor or control feral pest animals on your property. Alternatively reach out to us via our contact form or by phone 0419913536 and a coordinator will discuss with you details of our capabilities, to provide a solution tailored to suit your requirements.